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Review: Kola by Kiru Taye #Romancenovel #Giveaway #Romance

Title: Kola
Series: The Essiens, book 4
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

When sassy heiress, Tari Essien, needs a place to escape the pressures of the hounding press, she turns to Kola Banks, a deeply scarred ex-soldier who's also the Essien chief of security. Kola can't offer Tari anything more than his protection. She's family for goodness sake, even if they share no blood ties.

It’s a weekend of lessons for both of them. Together they can't avoid the explosive heat that sizzles between them, nor help pushing each others' boundaries physically as well as emotionally.

But when the weekend ends and Tari's life is in danger, will Kola put his body as well as his heart in the line of fire to keep her safe?

Here’s the thing about Kola-  yum, yum, and give me some more. I’ve been half in love with Kola since book one of the Essien series. There was something so appealing about him that I wanted to learn more about him.

I didn’t care for Tari at first. I couldn’t understand her behavior. As time went on and I learned more about her motivations, she grew on me. There was one scene in particular where I knew without a doubt she was worthy of my Kola.

The tenderness of the long time crush Kola had on Tari was endearing and the whole story flowed  well against this backdrop. A forbidden love that had no way of being resisted.  A little bit of intrigue, tenderness, and a lot of heat.

I’m looking forward to taking more trips to Nigeria with this spin off series.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I give this five out of five knickers (you’ll understand once you read the book) shaped chocolate bars.

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With slow steps, she walked toward him, keeping her voice low and packed with the need she had for him. "I dreamt about you last night. That your touch scorched my body, your tongue on my nipples. I’m dripping wet right now just thinking about it."
He swivelled with a growl. Flinching, she took a step back at the intense expression on his face. The raw, almost feral heat in his gaze, the slight tip to one corner of his lips, baring white teeth. She trembled as she made the realisation; she was no longer the predator but now the prey.
Just like that he'd switched on her. She'd gotten what she'd wanted.
Her heart pounded against her chest and dampness soaked her knickers. How could his obvious anger turn her on so much?
"You want a bit of rough? You want me to fuck you, is that it?"
Shocked by his language, her words choked in her throat. No one had ever spoken to her in that manner. She clamped her thighs together, wanting to relief the building pressure.
"No, you don't," he gritted out as he leaned over and tapped her thigh with his knuckles. "Keep your legs apart."
She complied without understanding why he'd made the demand, only knowing she'd do whatever he asked, if it'd give her what she craved. Him fucking her hard and fast.
She’d taunted him for that reason. If it would drive away the ache in her heart for a little while, then she’d take it no matter how rough it was.
"Answer my question," he said, the calmness in his deep voice belying the passion in his dark eyes.
"Yes," her voice was a soft husky whisper, her body trembling with her own increasing desire.
"Say it, Tari," he commanded.
"I want you to fuck me," she replied and relished the freedom the words gave her.

Kiru is the award winning author of His Treasure and bestselling author of The Essien Trilogy series. She writes sensual and passionate multicultural romance stories set mostly in Africa. When she's not writing you can find her either immersed in a good book or catching up with friends and family. She currently lives in the South of England with her very own alpha husband and three children.

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Spotlight: The Forbidden Man by Elle Wright #MulticulturalRomance #Giveaway

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The Blurb
In Love With the Wrong Man
Sydney Williams has forgiven her fiancé, Den, more times than she can count. But his latest betrayal just days before their wedding is too big to ignore. Shocking her friends and family, she calls off the engagement. She walks out on Den . . . and into the arms of his brother, Morgan.

Known as a player, Morgan Smith has secretly spent years fighting his feelings for Sydney. When Den's latest dirty deed leaves Sydney devastated, Morgan can't stop himself from coming to her rescue. What begins as friendship quickly escalates into all-consuming passion. Despite their intense connection, Sydney would rather deny her desire than come between brothers. But as Morgan is determined to make Sydney his, Den won't give her up without a fight . . .

My Review
Reading this novel kind of reminded me of the hit sitcom Friends. Only with an African American flair added to it. Drama, comedy, heat, and just a little bit of “oh my goodness, he/she did not.”
Sydney is a remarkable woman. To have gone through what she had in her past (no spoilers) and have survived had me rooting for her happiness from the begging. Although at times she cried a little too much for me, I still wanted her to end up with the right man for her.

Aside from Morgan being hot, he’s sweet and a great friend to Sydney and the others. When Sydney is finally free of her ex-fiancé, whatever had been simmering between them on a subconscious level got the chance to explode.

The drama of Sydney falling into the arms of her ex’s brother made things a little tricky. I kept wondering how things would work out without relationships being destroyed. The ending was perfect. Realistic and yet satisfying.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I give this novel five out five shot glass shaped chocolate bars.
Buy the book!

About the author:
Born and raised in Southeast Michigan near Ann Arbor, Elle learned the importance of reading from her mother. It was also her mother who, later on in her life, gave Elle her first romance nove: Indigo by Beverly Jenkins. From that moment on, Elle became a fan of Ms. Jenkins for life and a lover of all things romance. An old journal she wrote back in college became her first book (which she still wants to publish one day).

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ever heard of GMC? Review:GMC Goal, Motivation, and Conflict by Debra Dixon #writing

Prelude to a review
You’d think that when you sit down to write a romance novel, the conflict would automatically be part of it. For my latest WIP I accidentally thought the romantic aspect was part of the GMCs, the main aspect. So I proceeded to write a whole book driven by romance.

I’m shaking my head at myself because after reading countless books, and publishing four, each with clear GMCs, I should know how to include it in all of my stories. I keep wondering what happened. Of course as I wrote it, something kept nagging me that an integral aspect of the story was missing. I ignored it.

Finishing the book didn’t make me happy but I still sent it off to one of my awesome beta readers asking her to tell me if the story made sense and if it had enough conflict (never ask a question you already have the answer to).

My fabulous beta reader saved me a huge rejection when she told me she’d reached page 55 and no conflict had made itself clear.
With my suspicions verified, I had some major work to do, but first I needed some more insight about conflict. I did some reading on the net but it wasn’t enough so I decided to buy a book on the subject. That’s how I ended up with Debra Dixon’s book.

Now I’m doing a rewrite with clear GMCs for the hero and the heroine that are outside of the romantic aspect of the story. It’s a much better novel for sure.

The Blurb
Goal, motivation, and conflict are the foundation of everything that happens in the story world. Using charts, examples, and movies, the author breaks these key elements down into understandable components and walks the reader through the process of laying this foundation in his or her own work.

Learn what causes sagging middles and how to fix them, which goals are important, which aren’t and why, how to get your characters to do what they need for your plot in a believable manner, and how to use conflict to create a good story. GMC can be used not only in plotting, but in character development, sharpening scenes, pitching ideas to an editor, and evaluating whether an idea will work.

Be confident your ideas will work before you write 200 pages.

Plan a road map to keep your story on track.

Discovery why your scenes aren’t working and what to do about it.

Create characters that editors and readers will care about.

My Review
The concept of goals, motivation, and conflict seems easy enough to grasp, but if you’ve never had it explained to you, then it can be difficult for a writer to implement.

Ms. Dixon does a tremendous job of breaking down the meaning and importance of GMCs,  making sure the reader understands its importance by giving many examples of how it’s applied in a novel.

This is a great book for any and all writers, especially those who are new, stuck on a WIP, or unclear about what GMCs are and how to form them for their characters.

I purchased this book from Amazon.

I give this five out of five chocolate bars.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Review: Heat Wave of Desire by Yahrah St. John #AfricanAmericanRomance

The Blurb

A world of secret passion awaits… 

As Belleza Resort's general manager, Kimberly Parker is living her dream of transforming her family's decades-old property into California's most exclusive A-list retreat. Her 24–7 dedication leaves the driven executive no time for romance, especially as rumors of sabotage and Belleza's haunted history vie for her attention. But the hotel's enigmatic, überelegant new guest arouses more than her curiosity, sweeping Kimberly into a taboo affair that jeopardizes all she wishes to achieve. 

Heir to a powerful financial dynasty, Jaxon Dunham knows he can't hide out at the luxurious desert resort forever. Even if his passionate nights with Kimberly are the closest thing to paradise he's ever known. Then Jaxon finds himself the focus of scandalous headlines. Risking exposure, he has to make the decision to trust his heart or walk away from a promising love…

My Review
Extravagance and romance go great together at the Belleza Resort.

The sparks between Jaxson and Kimberly fly and grows as their relationship does. I enjoy the way both of them work and how good they are at their jobs.

I can’t wait to read the stories of Kimberly’s friends in the next installments. And to find out who the heck is causing so much trouble at the Belleza Resort.

I purchased this book from Amazon.

Rating: Five out of five pool shaped chocolate bars.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Spotlight: The Lady Meets Her Match by Gina Conkle #Romance #Giveaway

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Rough-around-the-edges Cyrus Ryland rose from humble origins to become England’s wealthiest citizen and most eligible bachelor. Called the King of Commerce, he thinks nothing of marriage until he hosts a masked ball and discovers an alluring woman hiding in his study. After one dance the lady vanishes, leaving behind a single shoe. The hunt is on, but finding her is only half the battle.

Claire Mayhew wants her hard won independence…a mid-town shop of her own. She resists the scorching attraction with Mr. Ryland — her new landlord, but Cyrus isn’t a man who gives up easily.


“Mr. Ryland, on your first visit to my shop, you questioned my accounts. Now do you plan to inspect how I manage the messengers?” She was being a little tetchy, but that assessment of his touched a sore spot. “As long as I pay my rent come Friday, whatever else happens is no concern of yours.”

He cracked a smile. “Not afraid to put me in my place, are you?”

“As in reminding you that you’re my landlord and you’ve no business giving me such commentary? I’m happy to. I doubt you share your opinions with the male proprietors who rent from you.”

Frayed nerves and a morning fraught with mishaps put her on edge. To admit this to him would be akin to acknowledging a chink in her shopkeeper’s armor. She wasn’t choosing her words with care but let them flow nonetheless.

“Duly noted, Miss Mayhew. I admit I haven’t changed my mind on this venture of yours,” he asserted.

“At the table, even you acknowledged the dangers preying on women in London. At least my sister’s business proposition must prove some goodwill during this trial period.”

She heard him, but her vision caught on the curious red ribbon. Ryland glanced at the box under his arm, his stance relaxing.

 “This is the other reason for my visit today,” he said quietly, holding out the wooden box. “It’s for you.”
Her gaze snapped up to his. “For me?”

Claire reached out, accepting the gift with cautious hands. She hefted the box gingerly up and down, checking the sides.

He chuckled. “I promise there’s no viper inside.”

 “You bought me a ledger, didn’t you?” Her tone lacked all enthusiasm. A rectangular account book could fit inside the box. So would a shoe.

 “If I did, you must agree a ledger would do you good.” His brows slammed together, a small vertical line forming above his nose. “But you won’t know until you open it.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gina writes Viking and Georgian romance with a softly sensual side. She loves history, books and romance…the perfect recipe for historical romance writer. Her passion for castles and old places ---the older and moldier the better--- means interesting family vacations. Good thing her husband and two sons share similar passions. When not visiting fascinating places she can be found delving into the latest adventures in cooking, gardening, and chauffeuring her sons.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review: A Sorceress of His Own by Dianne Duvall #ParanormalRomance

The Blurb

Since the day Lord Dillon earned his spurs, rumors of his savagery on the battlefield have preceded him into every room, stilling tongues and sparking fear. Weary of battle, he wishes only to find a woman he can wed who will approach him not with fear, but with the tenderness that has been absent from his life for so long. Yet only the wisewoman seems invariably at ease in his presence. Perhaps because she garners the same fear in others that he does himself.

For seven years, Alyssa has been by Lord Dillon's side, counseling him from the shadows, healing him with her hands, and staving off the worst of his loneliness while his fearsome reputation keeps others at bay. Blessed--or cursed--with gifts that label her a sorceress, she is forced to conceal her youth and the love she harbors for him beneath umbral robes that lead Dillon and his people to believe she is the same aged wisewoman who served his father.

All is revealed, however, and passions flare when an enemy threatens Dillon's life and Alyssa sacrifices everything to save him. When Dillon discovers that the wisewoman is far from elderly, he is instantly entranced. And, as he and Alyssa work together to defeat an enemy bent on destroying them both, Dillon will risk anything--even the wrath of his king--to be with her.

My Review
Alyssa and her all-encompassing love for Dillon had me gasping, grinning, and saying ‘aw’ a lot. To be so close to the one you love and have no chance of ever having him yet risking your life to be with him, was so sad yet inspiring. And all that she and Dillon went through still has me shaking my head (in a good way).

The action, suspense, and romance came together to keep me glued to the story. An amazing well told novel. I see more of Ms. Duvall’s stories in my future.

I purchased this book from Amazon (at full price). It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made all year.

I give this book five out of five cloak shaped chocolate bars.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Review: Nice Girls Don’t Ride by Roni Loren

The Blurb

Natalie Bourne thinks she has the perfect night planned for her twenty-first birthday. But when her car breaks down and her boyfriend bails on her, she’s left stranded in an auto shop dealing with a way too cocky, way too hot mechanic, who seems to be intent on pushing every button she has.

Monroe Hawkins knows he shouldn’t be messing with a girl from the uppity private college. Especially when he can tell she sees him as the help. But he’s having trouble resisting the redhead with the smart mouth and the killer legs. So when Natalie’s night goes from bad to worse, there’s no way he’s letting her spend her birthday alone. He makes her a deal—he’ll take her home but not until the sun comes up.

Ten hours, one motorcycle, and the city of Austin at their fingertips…things are about to take a major detour. And soon, there may be no U-turn in sight. 

My Review
A complete little novella that had me cracking up. The interaction between Monroe and Natalie delighted me. And then things got steamy between them without seeming rushed.

What I found utterly fascinating was how Ms. Loren tied everything together in the end. The reader only knows Monroe and Natalie for a short time, but they makes sense together.

I purchased this book from Amazon.

I give this novella five out of five motorcycle shaped chocolate bars.