Friday, 25 July 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

Vikki at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author has started a meme where every Friday we post what we're celebrating for the week. Thanks Vikki. It's not too late to sign up if you're interested.

1. I rocked the two examinations I had this week. Where the heck is my high five? 

2. Two presentations and two more exams to go and I'm free! No more group work EVER! Said like in the Joan Crawford movie which I never watched because I'm a chicken.

3. On that note, I have to share the horror anthology my good friend, Debbie Christiana has a story in. Yes, I bought a copy. No, I will not read it (refer to point number two for why). I'm proud to announce that it sat next to Stephen King on Amazon in the horror category at one point. 

The Blurb

If you’re looking for stories of “happily ever after”, continue onward. Warm and fuzzy tales of love won’t lie within these pages. These dark accounts incur greed, anger, hostility, murder, revenge, and creatures that go bump in the night. Be forewarned—there will be blood, and you may need to check under your bed before going to sleep. Darkness awaits. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Review: TAMING MISS TISDALE By Jessica Jefferson

After having read Compromising Miss Tisdale and loving it (read my review here), I jumped at the opportunity to read Taming Miss Tisdale. Ms. Jefferson is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card so remember to enter.


Miss Tamsin Tisdale believes herself to be completely unsuitable for London life. After a myriad of social mishaps, and the potential ruination of her family name, she’s shipped away to her cousin’s northern estate. Only after she comes to her senses will she be welcomed home.

Marcus Winston, the Duke of Grayson, has a lackluster reputation. The last in a dying line, he’s endured a protected life—rank with privilege, encumbered by isolation. After a brief encounter with rebellion, he learns the devastating consequences of his carelessness and willingly accepts living life from inside his gilded cage.

However, a chance meeting with the brazen Miss Tisdale gives Marc the opportunity to reinvent himself into the man he’s always dreamed of being. When his deception comes to light, and ghosts from both their pasts threaten to unravel the intimacy they’ve come to cherish, will either of them set their fears aside long enough to embrace love? Or will Miss Tisdale’s stubbornness divide them?

My Review
You know how at the end of a great movie you clap. That’s what I did for Taming Miss Tisdale.  The characters were extraordinary, all of them were  interesting and dynamic, entertaining me with their snarky comments. 

I’ve liked Tamsin ever since book one, Compromising Miss Tisdale, which I also loved (see my review here). She has fire, heart, and a smart mouth. Marcus’ calm disposition was a perfect compliment to Tamsin's wilder spirit. Marcus had some spit in him too, coming out with some lines that made my mouth hang open.

Ms. Jefferson has set us up for another book in the series with a secondary character that had me laughing out loud, and I can’t wait until it comes out.

Taming Miss Tisdale as a stand alone, but I recommend Compromising Miss Tisdale, too.

I received this book for an honest review (but I would I have bought it if I wasn’t given the opportunity to review it).

I give this book five out five horse shaped chocolate bars.


            Jason looked bored. “Get to the important part, Grayson. Was she beautiful?”

            Again, Marc was ill-prepared to answer such a question. Taken individually, that large mouth, those plump pink lips, her long nose, red hair, and freckled skin—nothing about her was spectacular by any means. But together, all those odd pieces and parts, which seemed so ordinary at first glance, fit together to form the picture of a particularly stunning woman.

            “Yes,” he answered quite simply. No need to give Jason any more fodder for discussion by rambling on like some sort of awful poet.

            Jason grinned from ear to ear. “Well, that is quite eventful, indeed.” He swept a crumb off his jacket sleeve. “Does this original have a name?”

            Marc stopped suddenly, his coffee halfway to his lips. “Name?”

            Jason laughed. “Yes, her name. This unique creature has to have a name. Diana? Aphrodite? Venus, perhaps?” Then Jason stopped laughing as realization spread over his face like a mordant rash. “You don’t know her bloody name, do you?”

            Marc set his cup down on the table and stared at it. “She never volunteered the information and I never bothered to ask.”


Jessica Jefferson makes her home in northern Indiana, or as she likes to think of it—almost Chicago.  She is heavily inspired by classic sweeping, historical romance novels, but aims to take those key emotional elements and inject a fresh blend of quick dialogue and comedy.  She invites you to visit her at and read more of her random romance musings.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Spotlight: Tesla’s Imprint by Kimberly Adkins #Giveaway

I'm happy to spotlight Telsa's Imprint today. Kimberly will be awarding a Kindle version of Tesla's Imprint to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during this tour and the Book Blast tour.

Some things just can’t be erased.

Simon’s visions of a little girl are the only memories he has. Like an imprint on his heart, the visions cling. Who is she? Who is he for that matter? Tracked and hunted across the world, and in possession of a device that sets him apart from time and space, danger follows him at each turn.

He never meant to drag Tess into his drama. But with one slow, seductive dance in a candlelit night­club, that’s exactly what he’s done.

Tesla’s own heritage is a mystery in itself. Born of wealth into a corporation with no paper trail, she’s called back to take the helm. But what’s the nature of the business she’s supposed to lead? And how does it connect her to Simon?


Tess didn’t know what was real at the moment, but she knew what she wanted it to be. Disregarding their image she turned to her dance partner and faced him. With careful, calculated movements she stood on tiptoe to feel the front of his thighs against hers and she lifted her face to his, lips parted as she settled a delicate kiss on his smooth chin.

His smoky eyes were dark, his lids half hooded as he endured her innocent attempt at seduction. Her heart was pounding and she knew he had to feel it against his chest because she was as close as she could possibly be to him.

With slow determination he reached both of his hands behind her back and laid them on her shoulders as if he were going to pull her away, but at the last second he slid them down the curve of her spine until they came to rest on the small of her back.

“I should not do this,” he whispered, though she wasn’t sure if he was telling her or himself as his large hands spread out across her back, pressing her against him with an all encompassing hold that she had never experienced before in her life.

The air was forced from her lungs in a startled gasp. The moment her mouth opened he found her lips and kissed them with such deep, unrestrained passion that she responded to him on the most primal level of her being and returned to him the most ardent kiss her soul had to offer.

Tess was lost to the world during that moment where there seem to be no time, no place, nothing but the perfect harmony of the Universe for the two of them to exist in; and it was perfection. It was so perfect that when he released her she lost her balance and stumbled on the dance floor.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kimberly Adkins is an author and artist who spends her spare time working on worm hole theories so she can go back in time and enter Star Gate’s ‘Get in the Gate’ sweepstakes as many times as it takes to win.

Says Kimberly of romance, “Fate lines up to reward the faithful who believe that love holds a power beyond our understanding and dreams have a chance to come true.”

Twitter: @authorkimberlya

Remember to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here: 
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Monday, 21 July 2014

Infamous Female Serial Killers by Debbie Christiana #horror #NewRelease #Anthology

I have a wonderful treat for you today. The marvelous Debbie Christiana has been up to some creepy story writing and is here to scare the crap out of us.

Thank you, Nana, for having me today.

I was fortunate to have my short dark fiction story, Professional Courtesy, included the newly released DarkLight 4 anthology by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterflies Publishing. 

Professional Courtesy tells a tale of two contemporary serial killers, but history shows us that serial murdering has gone on through the ages, including female serial killers, who are rare, but not unheard of.

The first recorded serial killers (both male and female) date back to the late thirteenth century, but human nature being what it is, I’m sure they’ve been around since the beginning of time.

Baron Gilles de Rais, a leader in the French army and companion in arms of Joan of Arc, was hanged in 1440 for killing and raping 200 boys in the course of his lifetime.

Countess Erzebet Bathory of Hungary (The Blood Countess) is labeled the most proficient female serial killer in history. She tortured, killed and butchered 600 young girls until her capture in 1610. Her family’s status prevented her from going to trail but she was imprisoned and died in 1614.

There are differences and similarities between male and female serial killers. 80% of female killers use poison or some non-aggressive form of killing, where as men tend to be more violent.  75% of female killers do so for profit and kill people they know, usually family members and acquaintances, where as men kill randomly and are sexually driven.  However, beware, both fit into society without attracting attention to themselves, and both are psychopaths and have no conscience or remorse.

Delphine LaLaurie was a French aristocrat living in New Orleans and was played by Kathy Bates is this season of American Horror. She was unusually and disturbingly cruel to her slaves, chaining them in the attic and sewing their mouths closed.  She was discovered when her mansion caught on fire and they found a woman slave chained to the stove. She started the fire in attempt to kill herself to escape Madame LaLaurie’s punishment. Delphine escaped justice, fled to Paris and died there. However, Kathy Bate’s character of Madame LaLaurie, got exactly what she deserved.

 Enriqueta “The Vampire of Barcelona” Marti sold homemade cures for TB and Syphilis, for those in need in the early 1900’s. What her customers didn’t know was she lured young children to her home, prostituted them, killed them and used their fat, bones and muscle in her elixir. She was captured in 1912 but her cellmates killed her before she could stand trial.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the long list of killers through history. In doing my research I found that women killers, while outnumbered by males killers, can be more ruthless and merciless than their male counterparts.

Looks can be deceiving….

I don’t always write dark stories, I also write paranormal romance, with a happy ending.  You can find me at:

Twitter: @DebChristiana


Blurb for DarkLight 4:

If you’re looking for stories of “happily ever after”, continue onward. Warm and fuzzy tales of love won’t lie within these pages. These dark accounts incur greed, anger, hostility, murder, revenge, and creatures that go bump in the night. Be forewarned—there will be blood, and you may need to check under your bed before going to sleep. Darkness awaits.

Blurb for Professional Courtesy:

Wayne had everything going for him.
He’s handsome, has a good job and a hobby he enjoys: serial killer
Until he takes Charlotte.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review: Shadow’s Soul by Jami Gray

The Blurb
Raine McCord has no problem taking down the monsters of the world, it’s one of the reasons she’s so good at her job. So playing bodyguard to Cheveyo, head Magi of the Northwest, as he consults with the Southwest Kyn should be an easy assignment. Unfortunately, the simple task turns into a nightmare when Cheveyo is kidnapped and Raine is left for dead by one of the Kyn’s most feared beings, a Soul Stealer.

The Stealer’s attack leaves lasting wounds, undermining Raine’s confidence as a warrior and damaging her unruly magic. Her ability to heal her mind and spirit hinges on the one man who can touch her soul, Gavin Durand. Compelled to face the emotions raging between them, they must embrace not only their stormy relationship but their evolving magic to escape the twisted threads of murder and betrayal to find Cheveyo.

As Raine and Gavin come together and begin to unravel the complex web of secrets and hidden vendettas haunting the Southwest Kyn, they discover unsettling new truths that threaten their very existence.

My review
Jami Gray is a phenomenal writer. If I could push her onto the NYT bestselling list, I totally would because that’s where she belongs. She knows how to set the reader inside of the story, as if it’s happening around them and not just in the book.

I loved book one if the Kyn Kronicles - Shadow’s Soul. And I super love Shadow’s Edge. The depth of the romance between Raine and Gavin increased to a level that blew my mind. She packed the story with action and romance without taking away from either. Their relationship was powerful, on so many levels- physical, spiritual, magical, and emotional.

I have book 3 Shadow’s Moon sitting on my Kindle.  I have a feeling I’ll be losing more sleep reading that one, too.

I give Shadow’s Soul five out five interwoven threadlike (white, milk, and dark) chocolate bars.

Ms. Gray gave me a copy of the book after a little coercion. I was compelled to write a review because it’s absolutely fantastic.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Celebrate the small things- the final countdown

Vikki at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author has started a meme where every Friday we post what we're celebrating for the week. Thanks Vikki. It's not too late to sign up if you're interested.

This week I am celebrating:

Digging myself out of a muck of low self-confidence this week. Sometimes you just have to go through it and find yourself on higher plane.

Working on first round edits for Destiny Mine. Although I'm grumbling some, I still love it. Not the pain of it, but the product.

I traveled all the way to Accra just to visit with my best friend for the day. I wish I could do it everyday. There was pizza and unruly toddlers involved. A fabulous day.

Only two more weeks of school. It's the final countdown. Does the song come to anyone else's mind? Here's a throwback video. Enjoy.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cover Reveal: Soulless by Crystal Collier

Have you met the Soulless and Passionate? In the world of 1770 where supernatural beings mix with humanity, Alexia is playing a deadly game.

SOULLESS, Book 2 in the Maiden of Time trilogy

Alexia manipulated time to save the man of her dreams, and lost her best friend to red-eyed wraiths. Still grieving, she struggles to reconcile her loss with what was gained: her impending marriage. But when her wedding is destroyed by the Soulless—who then steal the only protection her people have—she’s forced to unleash her true power.

And risk losing everything.

What people are saying about this series: 

"With a completely unique plot that keeps you guessing and interested, it brings you close to the characters, sympathizing with them and understanding their trials and tribulations." --SC, Amazon reviewer

"It's clean, classy and supernaturally packed with suspense, longing, intrigue and magic." --Jill Jennings, TX

"SWOON." --Sherlyn, Mermaid with a Book Reviewer

Crystal Collier is a young adult author who pens dark fantasy, historical, and romance hybrids. She can be found practicing her brother-induced ninja skills while teaching children or madly typing about fantastic and impossible creatures. She has lived from coast to coast and now calls Florida home with her creative husband, three littles, and “friend” (a.k.a. the zombie locked in her closet). Secretly, she dreams of world domination and a bottomless supply of cheese. You can find her on her blog and Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

COMING October 13, 2014

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